Our team

Our Team

Franci Bode

Licensed FIFA Player`s Intermediary

Franci Bode is the CEO of "Bode Football Management" and is the responsible person for the daily business routine. Hold BA degree in Finance/Accounting. A licensed FIFA Player`s Intermediary by the Albanian Football Association, has been part of the company for the last 7 years assisting on many international transfers and also making many international transfers. A football passionate and an ex-football player. Fluent in Albanian, English, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.

Lorin Burba

Attorney at law

Lorin Burba is a top qualified attorney at law in sports. He finished his Phd in Sorbonne University for Sports Law. He is part of BFM team by assisting and taking care of all the contract negotiations on behalf of BFM. Lorin speaks fluently English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Albanian.He is our champion as so far in his career he has never lost a case in any of the courts he was responsible for his clients, meaning he won all his cases. Football passionate, Intelligent also a good scouter for most of our BFM Clients.